Firey Sunset

Posted by Chris on Aug 27, 2011

My wife and I had a great date night that included Panera Bread for dinner and a quick photo session with a sunset that was spectacular.  Thanks for the clouds, Hurricane Irene.

Since this is my photo blog, I suppose I should detail the setup for the shoot.  It was simple.  One LumoPro LP160 at 1/4 power with a shoot through umbrella.  I fired it with Cacuts V5 triggers.  The strobe was placed about 8 feet from the subject, about 3-5 feet left or right of the camera, depending on the shot.  A rim or back light would have helped make these really pop, but I didn’t pack one in the bag as I didn’t think the sky would turn out very nice.  Boy was I wrong about that. 🙂